Kauppalehti (www.kauppalehti.fi)

29 December 2017

(Excerpts translated by GES)

Blacklisting can become a thing of the past – the range of options for responsible investment is improving

Issues related to information security, taxation and pharmaceutical industries will be on the list for a responsible investor in the coming year.

Responsible investment practices are changing. The Paris Climate Agreement set climate goals. In addition, the UN set goals for sustainable development two years ago, which include not only environmental objectives but also cultural, human rights, economic and social goals.

The diversification of responsible investment has given institutional investors the opportunity to profile themselves also as a driver of the themes important to them. This is a good trend according to Tytti Kaasinen, an expert in responsible investment. Kaasinen is the Head of Thematic Engagement at the Swedish GES, which focuses on engagement and responsible investment analysis.

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