Kauppalehti (www.kauppalehti.fi)

29 December 2017

(Excerpts translated by GES)

When it comes to responsibility, private investors are left in the giants’ shadow

It is still difficult for a private investor to compare the responsibility of different investments.

From private investors’ point of view, responsible investment unfortunately often seems distant. Asset managers and investment firms create models for responsible investing.

Small investors’ only option is usually to use different responsible funds or to interpret lists of excluded industries, companies that violate norms, or the best-in-class. A large number of Finnish equity investors do not consider this to be a particular problem, as for the companies listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange actual abuses are rarely reported. However, the perspective for responsible investment is global.

Many asset managers say that responsibility is integrated into the entire investment process. However, comparing these processes is difficult. Morningstar ‘s fund ratings focus on assessing the responsibility of the investments and not necessarily the asset manager’s entire investment process.

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