Oekom, meanwhile, further deepens its cooperation with Sweden’s GES

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October 28, 2015



In related news, Oekom and GES, the Stockholm-based engagement agent, announced a further deepening of their three-year-old cooperation. In a statement, the partners said that Oekom’s corporate ratings would become the standard for GES’ clients, thereby replacing the Swedish firm’s own ratings.

In exchange, the nine analysts from GES who compiled the ratings would assist Oekom with its ratings. Oekom currently provides ESG research on more than 3,500 companies, including all companies listed on Stockholm’s exchange.

Said Haßler: “We’re very delighted that GES has switched to our ratings and that as a result, Scandinavian investors have direct access to them.”

Oekom says it has more than 100 clients and that its ratings are used to invest €600bn. GES says that through its ratings and active ownership operations, it influences more than €1trn in assets.


By Jan Wagner


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