The Guardian
June 25, 2014

A new survey has investigated how investors integrate children’s rights into responsible investment policies

To understand how investors perceive and manage children’s rights we worked with GES, an engagement services company, to survey how investors integrate children’s rights in their responsible investment policies and practices. The responsible investment approach acknowledges the relevance and potential impact of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in a long-term perspective. It means integrating ESG considerations into investment decision-making, management processes and active ownership practices such as risk analysis, corporate dialogues, proxy voting and exclusions.

One outcome was that a group of international investors, representing more than €1500bn in assets, agreed to form a working group that will identify and develop new approaches on how children’s rights can be integrated into investment analysis decision-making and engagement activities.

We also plan to repeat the investor study on an annual basis to measure progress and track developments. Our ambition is to increase the sample size to a larger number of asset owners and also include asset managers in the future.


by Magdalena Kettis
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