NRPN, Nordic Region Pensions and Investment News (A Financial Times publication)
April/May 2012

Ensuring that responsible investment is part of the solution to the financial crisis is one of the most immediate challenges, says Magnus Furugård.

Stockholm-based responsible investment consultancy GES is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Over the past two decades it has seen an environmental, social and governance approach to investment move from the margins to the mainstream, being adopted by major investors and becoming a standard component of company reports. GES now has assets under advice of €700bn.

“I grew up with a strong interest in both business and environmental issues,” says GES founder, president and managing director Magnus Furugård. “I always thought they were too far from each other and I couldn’t understand why they never met.”

His answer was to set up GES precursor Caring Capitalism in 1992. The timing was good. The same year saw the UN Earth Summit in Rio, which called for sustainability in environmental and social issues.


By George Coats

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