Responsible Investor
September 9, 2011

Responsible investment in Poland was given a major boost this week when an advisory panel initiated 18 months ago by Prime Minister Donald Tusk delivered a series of recommendations to the government and the country’s social partners to kick off education programmes and potential future legislative guidance.

The recommendations were presented at a conference in Gdansk on Monday (September 5), put together as part of Poland’s current presidency of the European Union.


Martin Pitura, Manager at GES Investment Services Poland, the ESG research company, and a member of the responsible investment panel commissioned by the Polish government, said the recommendations were a major step forward for Poland: “There has been a lot happening in CSR in Poland, but if you look at the signatories of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment there is not one Polish company. Therefore we are really pleased that something is starting to happen in an organised government context.”

By Hugh Wheelan

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