GES is pleased to invite you to a webinar on 18 September 2018, at 3 PM CEST to discuss the impacts of plastic waste, how we may use circular economy principles to address them, and the opportunities this may create. The webinar will also mark the launch of GES’ new engagement programme aiming to encourage companies to adopt initiatives that address issues associated with plastic waste and pollution.

Plastics are one of the most wasteful examples of the linear take-make-dispose economy. Global production of plastics has increased twentyfold since the 1960s and reached 322 million tonnes in 2015. It is expected to double again over the next 20 years. With 8 million tonnes of plastic leaking into the oceans each year, we all need to re-evaluate the way we make, use, and reuse plastics. In practice, it means opting for reusable materials, ending wasteful manufacturing processes, embracing renewable materials, and avoiding toxic chemicals. GES believes that institutional investors can use their role as shareholders of corporations to put the circular economy transition higher on the list of priorities for the private sector.


  • Alexandra Wu, Environmental Management Professional, Lund University
  • Mike Toulch, Environmental Policy Specialist, Lund University
  • Delphine Lévi Alvarès –European coordinator of the Break Free From Plastic Movement (Zero Waste Europe)
  • Jonathan Kellar –Engagement Manager, GES

The webinar will include a 45-minute presentation, followed by a Q&A session.

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