GES is pleased to invite you to the webinar launching GES’ Investor Guidance on Children’s Rights Integration on Wednesday 15 June 15.00-16.00 CEST (9.00am-10am EDT).

This webinar, which is the fourth in a series, aims at raising investors’ awareness of the child-related risks and opportunities, and supporting their integration into investment practices.

In the series’ first three webinars we stressed the importance of broadening and deepening the understanding of children’s rights beyond child labour, and argued how businesses failing to mitigate and manage related risks – not to mention missing out on the opportunities – can have material consequences to companies. We also discussed the implications relating to media and marketing in particular. This fourth webinar will now focus on how to incorporate the above-mentioned considerations into investment strategy and practices.

GES has conducted two surveys in cooperation with the Global Child Forum and found that such integration is rather limited within the investment sector. There appears to be interest among investors in better taking into account children’s rights in investment activities, but also uncertainty about how to do this in practice. To address this, GES has developed Investor Guidance on Children’s Rights Integration, which explains the relevance and implications of children’s rights specifically from the investor perspective. The step-by-step guidance includes practical recommendations for concrete actions in terms of both due diligence, investment decision-making and engagement with companies.

In our upcoming webinar, Senior Engagement Manager Tytti Kaasinen from GES will present these guidelines and share her experiences in engaging with companies and investors on the issue of children’s rights. Furthermore, Lauren Compere, Director of Shareowner Engagement at Boston Common Asset Management, and Reed Montague, Senior Sustainability Analyst at Calvert, will describe how Boston Common and Calvert respectively have integrated children’s rights in their investment processes. To encourage interaction, we will distribute the guidelines to the registered participants in advance, and there will be ample opportunities for discussion and questions during the webinar.


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