Join us for a webinar on February 17, 3.00-4.00pm CET (9.00-10.00am EST)


Please join us for an interesting discussion with leading experts on children’s rights in media and marketing. We will hear how child-related issues within social media, marketing and product development pose concrete business risks and opportunities to companies, and are therefore of significant relevance also to investors.

Children make up almost a third of the world’s population and are pertinent for companies in various ways: as customers, employees’ family members, workers, and key stakeholders in local communities and society at large. Business activities that have no negative impact on adults may be very harmful to children’s rights and well-being. Still, while the links between business and human rights are becoming increasingly acknowledged and addressed, the attention to children’s rights specifically is still rather low. At the same time, failing to mitigate and manage child-related risks – not to mention missing out on the opportunities – can have material consequences to companies.

It is important to broaden and deepen the understanding of children’s rights beyond child labour, and also the public discourse has increasingly started calling on businesses to take greater responsibility for related aspects in product design and marketing, for example. Irresponsible or negligent corporate behaviour can be linked to issues such as childhood obesity, unrealistic body image, sexualisation of children, and inadequate online safety.

The speakers include:

Tulika Bansal, Senior Advisor, the Danish Institute for Human Rights.

Anne Larilahti, Vice President, Sustainability Strategy, TeliaSonera Group.

Hilary Parsons, Senior Manager, Nestlé’s global Public Affairs Department.

Tytti Kaasinen, Senior Engagement Manager, GES.



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