GES has launched new engagement themes that support the Sustainable Development Goals focusing specifically on companies’ management of water and carbon risk. The themes, based on GES and oekom research data, and developed in collaboration with GES clients, enable investors to address their portfolio-based exposure to climate change and water risks within a structured and goal-oriented engagement framework. Investors working with GES on the new thematic engagements include a number of Nordic pension funds and European asset owners and managers.

GES and oekom research have had a long-standing strategic partnership since 2012 and collaborate on a number of client assignments and services. Hanna Roberts, CEO of GES, says “Many of our clients are looking for specific ways to address climate change and water risks through focused engagement. Our engagement enables them to do this in a concrete and structured way. oekom research’s environmental data in particular makes a very solid and consistent basis for our new engagement themes and this collaboration brings together the best of our two organisations”.

Robert Haßler, CEO of oekom research adds: “We are very much looking forward to add value to and be part of the new GES engagement themes. Our data allow investors a both quantitative and qualitative assessment of a company´s climate or water performance. It complements the GES services perfectly and therefore serves as the foundation for their engagement decisions.”

The engagement follows GES’ structured and goal-oriented engagement approach and will run for two years. The engagement and reporting will use measurable metrics and benchmarking to enable a clear assessment of progress and impact of the engagement efforts.

About the themes:

Climate change is already affecting populations and companies across the globe and the impacts are becoming increasingly visible. As recognised by the 195 nations that negotiated the December 2015 COP21 Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, there is a need for an effective and progressive response to this urgent threat. The GES Carbon Risk Engagement, which has been running since the beginning of 2016, focuses on a number of carbon-intensive companies within the utility sector with the aim to reduce current and future tons of CO2 emitted. The utility sector is one of the main contributors to CO2 emissions but has, at the same time, opportunities to adapt and prosper in a carbon constrained economy and can contribute to a reduced demand for fossil fuel extraction. The engagement leverages the qualitative and quantitative Carbon Risk data provided by oekom research.

Water crises represent one of the top global risks for the next ten years identified by the World Economic Forum. Moreover, water issues are inherently connected to various other key challenges such as climate change, food security, infectious diseases, biodiversity loss and energy production. Lack of water or disputes over access can quite feasibly spur social instability and even interstate conflict, and contribute to large-scale migration. The GES Water Engagement focuses on companies with notable water needs, which have exposure to countries in earlier stages of development, that are facing water-related challenges. It also includes oekom research´s comprehensive water performance data.

Clients receive bi-annual reporting as well as have access to continuously updated information on GES’ online client platform, GES Engagement Forum.


For more information, please contact Charlotte Mansson, Director of Client Relations, GES: