GES Press release
Stockholm/London, April 15, 2015

GES, the Global Engagement Services company, reorganises the management team focusing resources on core services and strategic developments.

After 23 years as CEO, Mr Magnus Furugård, co-founder of GES, will assume the role of Group Chairman to focus on strategic, organisational and product and services development. Ms Hanna Roberts, currently GES’ Engagement Director since 2009, will become CEO to further develop GES’ operational efficiencies. In connection with these changes, Ms Josiane Fanguinovény, Head of Corporate Governance, will be appointed Engagement Director and a new member of the Management Team.

“I am very proud that GES has such talented, dedicated and skilful professionals ready to take on new challenges in our continuous drive towards excellence,” says Magnus Furugård. “Personally, I look forward to concentrating on GES’ strategic development.”

“This development also emphasises GES’ commitment to engagement and governance by accentuating these experiences in the Management Team to the benefit of GES’ clients globally,” says Hanna Roberts. “I am glad to be part of the continued development of GES and feel fortunate to have the support of Josiane Fanguinovény’s experience, along with that of the rest of the Management Team”.

With these changes, that will take place from September 1st, 2015, the Management Team will also become highly international, comprising key individuals based in the Nordic region, the UK and Poland, in alignment with the development of GES’ business.

For questions or additional information please contact:

Magnus Furugård, President and Managing Director, GES International

Hanna Roberts, Engagement Director

Josiane Fanguinovény, Head of Corporate Governance