GES Newsletter
Stockholm, November 30, 2015


COP 21: The Outlook for Investors

Today sees the start of the 21st Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (‘COP 21’). Delegates from 195 nations will meet in Paris in order to reach a new universal agreement on climate change.

It is well understood that carbon emissions from multiple sources, including power generation, transport, agriculture and deforestation, are gradually pushing up the average global temperature beyond the pre-industrial level. The potential consequences may include biodiversity loss, food and water scarcity, accelerated migration and conflict, damage to homes and property and more frequent extreme weather.

There is also ample reason to envisage that climate change will be very detrimental to businesses. It may mean damage to physical infrastructure, the weakening of human capital and massive costs, for example, for insurance companies in the aftermath of catastrophic weather events.

With such crucial issues at stake, GES’ climate change experts share their perspective on the COP 21 and what investors can expect from the ongoing negotiations and potential agreement (link).



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