GES and Global Child Forum (GCF), a Swedish not-for-profit foundation, are undertaking a follow-up survey regarding investor expectations and achievements related to children’s rights.

We believe a better understanding regarding if and how business and children’s rights are addressed in investments will help the issue of corporate responsibility for children’s rights move forward. Our benchmark assessment on how 200 European and US asset owners integrate children’s rights was carried out in early 2014 and the resulting report launched in April at the annual Global Child Forum at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden.

Read more about the forum and last year’s survey here

For this year’s assessment we are extending the scope to include all of PRI’s asset owner signatories and have invited approximately 280 investors to participate in the survey by 6 February, 2014. If you are a PRI asset owner signatory and unable to locate the survey invitation emailed to your organisation, please contact us and we will re-send you the link.

Individual responses will be kept confidential but the conclusions from the survey will be presented at the Global Child Forum in South Africa in May 2015. A report summarising the results will also be subsequently published on GES and GCF’s respective websites.

For more information on this initiative, please contact:
Tytti Kaasinen, Senior Engagement Manager