GES Newsletter

June 10, 2015

The GES Engagement Day 2015 was attended by more than 70 investors and company representatives and focused on key ESG topics and risks. 

The conference consisted of ESG panel discussions and presentations and covered a number of climate related topics, such as carbon investment strategies, EU climate action and legislation, and water-related risks and opportunities. Governance and Social issues discussed included human rights in the telecoms sector, stewardship trends and regulatory developments, and fund manager selection and accountability.

We have assembled notes from each session, keeping in mind both Chatham House rules and the sensitivity of some of the issues discussed. Over the next couple of days we will post minutes from key sessions: starting today with the ones from the Carbon Investment Strategies and Stewardship 2015 sessions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions related to any of the specific sessions, company responses, or issues.

Carbon investment strategies

Investor strategies related to carbon include divestment, low carbon passive management, green investment and active ownership engagement. The panel discussed the pros and cons of individual strategies and how they best can be combined.

Stewardship 2015: trends and regulatory developments

This session brought  together corporate, investor and sell-side analyst perspectives about significant developments in the area of European corporate governance. The panel explored changes to the Spanish Companies Act in late 2014, in areas such as minority shareholders rights, the board of directors, and executive compensation and how they have impacted on corporate practices ahead of the 2015 AGM season. The panel also considered the significant implications for companies of the Swiss Ordinance against Excessive Compensation (OaEC) and other developments and how the boards of directors are dealing with these challenges.


The notes can be found under the links below:

Carbon Investment Strategies

Stewardship 2015