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June 17, 2015

Notes and meeting minutes from the key sessions and discussions held during GES’ Engagement Day are available for clients to download.

The notes have been assembled keeping in mind both Chatham House rules and the sensitivity of some of the issues discussed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions related to any of the specific sessions, company responses, or issues.

Roundtable on identifying and integrating water-related risks and opportunities

Of all global risks, World Economic Forum 2015 ranked water crises as the most potentially impactful in the coming decade. Be it shortages, flooding, inadequate quality or harm to the ecological systems, water issues can be operationally and reputationally very damaging to companies and thereby investments, meaning that proactive risk assessment and management is critical. In this roundtable both the practical risk mitigation and how to minimise companies’ own impacts were discussed, along with the related opportunities that are emerging.

Respecting human rights in the telecoms sector

When states fail to protect the freedom of expression and privacy what can telecom companies do to respect and promote these rights? How can companies cooperate on this issue? What leverage can private companies have on states? Why should investors take this into account in their assessment and what are the risks and opportunities? Ms Milka Pietikainen, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Millicom and Mr Patrik Hiselius, Senior Advisor Digital Rights at TeliaSonera, shared their experiences from various countries worldwide and their cooperation within the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue.

The notes can be found under the links below:

Roundtable on identifying and integrating water-related risks and opportunities

Freedom of Expression and Privacy

The notes from other sessions are also available here:

Carbon Investment Strategies

Stewardship 2015

For questions or additional information please contact:

Charlotte Mansson, Senior Key Account Manager