GES Newsletter

May 29, 2015

The GES Engagement Day 2015 was attended by more than 70 investors and company representatives and focused on key ESG topics and risks.

The conference consisted of ESG panel discussions and presentations and covered a number of climate related topics, such as carbon investment strategies, EU climate action and legislation, and water-related risks and opportunities. Governance and Social issues discussed included human rights in the telecoms sector, stewardship trends and regulatory developments, and fund manager selection and accountability.

Companies represented at the conference were: Goldcorp, Rio Tinto, Enagás, Sanofi, Swiss Re, Millicom, Telia Sonera, Acacia, ENGIE, Turkiye Garanti Bankasi, and Barry Callebaut. There were also a number of other important stakeholder groups, such as WaterAid, EITI, Carbon Tracker Initiative, and Swedish Geological, thus broadening the discussions to include many perspectives.

The keynote speaker, Anne Bergenfelt, from the European Commission’s Directorate for Climate Action, spoke of the upcoming COP15 negotiations and the challenging prospect of getting all parties to agree to a legally binding agreement. She outlined some of the biggest climate risks and described how EU member states are promoting more collaboration and ‘Climate Diplomacy’ with the view to getting stakeholders involved on a national and local level, in combatting climate change.

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