Please join us for a breakfast event November 16 on “Climate Change Risks – The Role Investors Can Play” prior to COP 21 in Paris in December 2015. The event is co-hosted by GES, oekom research, and Ruffer LLP.

Investors are exposed to both the portfolio risks from climate change as well as the growing opportunities from the transition to a low carbon economy. They have a fiduciary responsibility that requires them to seek optimal risk-adjusted returns on their investments. However, in the absence of strong and stable policy frameworks, it remains difficult to address climate risks and opportunities. At this event, investors, research and engagement providers and climate change experts will outline how they assess, consider and address climate risks, by utilising relevant ESG data and metrics, investing in assets such as renewable energy, engaging with companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions or by persuading regulators to require corporate disclosure of the business impacts of climate change, in order to reach the levels needed to achieve a global low-carbon economy.

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