GES Newsletter
January 31, 2014

The two independent ESG service providers have already been working together, under a strategic marketing partnership, since mid-2012. As the partnership has proved a positive development, these pioneers of sustainable investment are now extending their collaboration to include company analysis.

Following a successful pilot project in 2013, oekom research and GES have agreed that in future they will also collaborate in the area of research. Under this strategic partnership, GES will assist oekom research in drawing up the oekom Corporate Ratings. The rating agencies’ combined universe comprises around 3,500 companies. Their research departments employ a total of 77 analysts, 44 at oekom research and 33 at GES.

GES also plans to start using the oekom Corporate Ratings for its core area of business, the GES Engagement Forum. This service involves engaging companies in a process of dialogue on issues of critical importance to investors. Under the marketing partnership, this service is also available to oekom research’s clients.

Robert Haßler, CEO of oekom research AG, says, “We are delighted about this expansion of our partnership. Our past experience of working together has shown that GES and oekom are very well matched, both in terms of our philosophy and in terms of our high quality standards. This partnership will enable us to strengthen our market position still further.”

Magnus Furugård, President and Managing Director of GES, says, “The foundation for insightful and thorough engagement is extensive information and analysis. This collaboration will certainly be very important for our ability to perform outstanding integrated engagement.”

For more information, please contact:
Magnus Furugård, President and Managing Director, GES International