GES Newsletter
November 6, 2012

The European Voluntary Quality Standard (VQS) – according to which GES is certified – gets its global re-launch today under the new name ARISTA®. The standard is increasingly recognised by investors as a mark of quality for responsible investment research.

GES was the first Northern European company to be certified when the VQS was launched in March 2009. The standard was developed in response to the demands from global investors and companies for responsible investment (RI) research groups to incorporate the key principles of quality, integrity, transparency and accountability into their research processes.

On November 6, the standard is being globally re-launched as ARISTA® to raise its profile amongst RI research groups and investors around the world. The new version has a broader scope of certification and covers a much wider range of RI services and products.

“For GES, in-depth and thorough research is the starting point to be able to engage with companies and have fruitful discussions. In a wider perspective, the quality and independence of ESG (environmental, social and governance) research is also absolutely vital for both investors and companies as well as for our own industry. Therefore ARISTA® is essential for us since it contributes to fulfilling our high ambitions,” said Magnus Furugård, President and Managing Director of GES.

In particular ARISTA® addresses the key elements of quality, managing the ESG research supply chain, and overall research group performance – elements which are largely missing from existing codes in this field. The standard uses a fully transparent methodology and calibrated and comparable assessment tools, each of which have been expanded to reflect the broader range of RI products now available.

Moreover, ARISTA® provides efficient control and audit systems, which are increasingly a requirement of international regulatory frameworks, and connects with the steadily growing trend among investors to include independent certification as a requirement of requests for proposal.

ARISTA® website

For more information, please contact:
Martin Pitura, Managing Director, GES Poland, and CFO, GES International