GES Newsletter
February 16, 2012

GES Investment Services marks the start of its 20th anniversary by refining its trademark to GES® and publishing a retrospective and futuristic issue of its annual magazine.

President and Managing Director Magnus Furugård explains the reasons for the name shift:

“When we began in 1992, Responsible Investment (RI) was almost perceived as a contradiction in itself – as well as our first company name Caring Capitalism. Today RI is well established and focus has shifted from ethical criteria and exclusion of companies to integration of environmental, social, governance (ESG) issues and engagement. Therefore, we also find it an excellent timing to change our company name again – or more of refining it, in order to keep on signalling our forward-looking ambition. Thus, GES Investment Services is shortened to GES®, standing for Global Engagement Services which is our core business today and where we believe the future of RI is.”

At the same time, the second issue of GES’ annual magazine, mag•e•sine, is officially published today in a print version and an online version on GES’ website. Aiming to provide inspiring reading on Responsible Investment, it includes articles on e.g. a new concept for engagement in emerging markets, a hidden conflict of increasing investor concern, burgeoning investment opportunities in shade of the crisis and the latest academic evidence of the financial value of ESG. In addition, the magazine provides a comprehensive foldout chart for wayfarers in Responsible Investment:

“For 20 years, we have merely kept our eyes on the horizon, navigating towards sustainability in what often felt like completely uncharted waters. GES’ anniversary provided a natural moment to look back, not only at our own company history but also at the history of Responsible Investment, two timelines that are occasionally intertwined in a way that we are proud and honoured of. And which may offer some guidance for the future route for anyone sailing in these waters,” says Magnus Furugård.

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