GES Newsletter
October 25, 2011

GES Investment Services has become an associate member of the New York-based Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, thereby providing enhanced opportunities for collaborative engagement between European and North American investors.

With 40 years of experience in shareholder advocacy and representing nearly 300 organisations with collective assets totalling over $100 billion, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) holds a unique position in North America. Its track record can be followed through thousands of shareholder resolutions that members have filed throughout the years on major social and environmental issues, several of them resulting in positive change. Today, ICCR members are a respected voice and active partners promoting corporate transformation from the inside by engaging and advising management towards sustainable practices that ensure long term business.

GES Investment Services has cooperated with ICCR for many years and has now decided to upgrade its ICCR membership from affiliate to associate member. This will give GES full access to ICCR’s Shareholder Actions database, which includes information on ongoing ICCR-sponsored initiatives that are open for other investors to join. In addition, ICCR’s database serves as a meeting point between members where GES expects to gain further understanding on how to most effectively engage with North American companies.

Altogether this provides GES and its clients with enhanced opportunities for successful collaborative engagement, explained Fredric Nyström, Engagement Coordinator and Key Account Manager at GES Investment Services:

“Since our clients have large investments in North American companies, it is important for us to conduct engagement there on their behalf. ICCR offers an excellent platform to reach like-minded investors on that side of the Atlantic and build a bridge between European and North American investors.”

Laura Berry, Executive Director of ICCR, said: “By moving to a higher level of commitment to our ongoing engagement work with hundreds of companies, GES will both contribute to and benefit from ICCR’s long-standing relationships with senior management in corporations representing every sector of today’s economy. Our coalition generates real change in practices while enhancing value to shareholders and the global community.”

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