GES Newsletter
August 30, 2011

GES Investment Services has hired two Finnish Senior Research Analysts with well-reputed international engagement merits: Anna Tytti Kaasinen, former RI Analyst at The Co-operative Asset Management, and Sari Kuvaja, CR & Communication Advisor. In addition, GES’ Key Account Manager Fredric Nyström has been appointed Engagement Coordinator.

Anna Tytti Kaasinen comes most recently from The Co-operative Asset Management in Manchester, which has profiled on ethical and responsible investment for over 20 years. There she worked as a Responsible Investment (RI) Analyst covering engineering, aerospace and defence, telecommunications, IT, services, media, food production and retail sectors. Her work entailed thematic and company-specific research, screening, materiality analysis and extensive engagement over a wide range of issues both at the local and global level. Anna Tytti Kaasinen holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in Politics from Manchester Metropolitan University and a Master of Arts in International Relations from the University of Manchester.

Sari Kuvaja presently works as a CR (Corporate Responsibility) & Communication Advisor to Finnish and international companies and organisations, focusing especially on CR communication, stakeholder dialogue and corporate–NGO partnering. Further, she trains and consults non-governmental organisations in communication and advocacy work. Previously, Sari Kuvaja has worked as a forest and paper campaigner for Greenpeace. She has also published various articles and books on CR related issues. Sari Kuvaja holds a Master of Science in Agriculture and Forestry from the University of Helsinki.

As of September 1, Anna Tytti Kaasinen will be working at GES’ Stockholm office while Sari Kuvaja will be stationed in Helsinki but regularly join the analyst team in Stockholm. Thus, this recruitment also provides GES with enhanced competence and presence on the Finnish market.

In addition, GES Investment Services has appointed Key Account Manager Fredric Nyström as Engagement Coordinator. He has worked five years within GES’ marketing department and will utilise his experience to congregate and coordinate clients’ engagement interests in order to further strengthen GES’ collaborative engagement efforts.

For more information, please contact:
Magnus Furugård, President and Managing Director, GES International