GES Newsletter
April 14, 2011

After nearly 20 years of contributing to long-term sustainable and responsible investment, GES Investment Services underlines its commitment to advance the development by publishing a new inspirational magazine.

The premier issue of GES Investment Services’ annual magazine, MAG•E•SINE, is officially published today in a print version and an online version on GES’ website.

Publisher and Communications Director Susanne Nyman says: “Our aim is to provide investors with inspiring news on Responsible Investment derived from GES’ work and experiences as well as from partners and others sharing our dedication to sustainable and responsible investment.”

The contents reflect GES’ extensive ambition with both the magazine and its business. “To make it a little bit better, everyday” is GES’ mission, referring to investments, companies and the world. GES’ main tool for this is engagement with companies in order to improve management of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. A successful example of such a process as well as a practical checklist for future ones is presented in the article “How to make collaborative engagement pay off”.

Valuable lessons are also provided in a report from an engagement tour to Tunisia that GES conducted shortly before the dramatic revolution in January 2011. The overall impression of visiting a powder keg was borne out faster than anyone could expect and highlighted important risk indicators to consider when operating and investing in similar environments.

Preparing for engagement with companies on the emerging hot topic Cotton, prompted GES to go to Nicaragua and learn from their experiences of adapting a previously fatal industry to more rewarding organic practices. “There are fewer funerals to attend nowadays”, tells cotton producer Pablo Antonio Martinez in an inspiring story.

Another industry of increasing concern to responsible investors is Information Technology, which is rapidly catching up on much more blamed industry and is already matching the climate emissions from the airline sector. There are, however, alternative routes to take and some low-hanging fruits to pick, according to a new book.

The magazine builds on a long tradition within GES of raising awareness and knowledge around ESG issues. In 1995-2002, GES published the first Scandinavian newsletter on Business Ethics, which introduced the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) to this market. Today when these have become well established, GES deems it important to help investors look beyond the horizon.

President and Managing Director Magnus Furugård says: “Long-term commitment is one of our core values. With our long experience we have a unique opportunity to be in the front line, and thus we shall, in order to promote and contribute to sustainable development in the best possible way.”

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