GES Newsletter
March 30, 2010

Resulting in strengthened networks and deepened knowledge, GES Investment Services expects that a recent study tour to India with a client, will reinforce its engagement activities in all emerging markets.

The one-week tour in January was arranged by GES on request by a client in order to gain insight into the risks and opportunities, which companies operating in India face with regards to environment and human rights. As the country is of increasing importance in the world economy, responsible investors will have an essential role to play in this market.

“Personal meetings and onsite experiences are invaluable for an effective engagement process,” says Aurora Samuelsson, Research Analyst at GES Investment Services and coordinator for the tour.

The program included meetings with companies and their suppliers and NGOs. Areas of special interest were child labour, environment and labour rights.

“We obtained a broader picture of how difficult it is to handle these issues in supply chains. By studying the dynamics of cooperation at various levels we learned more about how positive examples could be multiplied,” says Arvinder Tiwana, Research Analyst at GES Investment Services Denmark, who accompanied the client.

As mining and agriculture are Indian industries of major concern to responsible investors, GES facilitated meetings with two influential environmental organisations focusing on such operations, Navdanya and Center for Science and Environment. Gaining mutual comprehension of agendas, this will provide basis for improved dialogue.

“Overall, this tour gave us a deeper understanding of the context that companies and stakeholders are operating within, which we believe will benefit our engagement activities not just in India but in all emerging markets,” concludes Arvinder Tiwana.