GES Newsletter
June 14, 2010

On June 10, Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum, FINSIF, was officially launched with 18 founding members, including GES Investment Services.

The launch of FINSIF took place at a major Responsible Investment event in Helsinki, gathering nearly 500 participants.

Finland’s President Tarja Halonen said in her opening speech that she welcomed the initiative as a positive step forward at a time when interest in Responsible Investment is increasing in Finland.

James Gifford, Executive Director of UN PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment), affirmed that the timing is appropriate, since Responsible Investment has started to move from niche activities to mainstream investments.

FINSIF’s chairman, Anna Hyrske, Senior Advisor at Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, underlined the importance of information sharing in this development, which is one of the main purposes of FINSIF.

GES Investment Services was represented at the launch event by its Finnish speaking Marketing Assistant Noora Viksten.

Further information about FINSIF