GES Newsletter
June 25, 2009

GES Investment Services has on June 16 joined the recently established Conflict Risk Network (CRN). By joining an effective engagement process and accessing in-depth research, GES will further ensure that its clients base their investment strategies and address global conflict risk, without having to commit significant financial resources or even changing investment policies.

CRN is a network of individual and institutional investors whose combined efforts to mitigate conflict risk and increase responsible foreign investment will result in the protection of civilians and improvement of investment returns.

Hanna Roberts, Research Manager and responsible for GES’ Engagement services, said:

“Joining CRN has its advantages. It facilitates GES’ gathering of research information on business activities in areas where it is difficult to obtain and compile financial data on companies’ activities. We will continue to conduct company engagement of our own, and depending on each situation, conduct engagement activities together with CRN Members when it is necessary to uphold an efficient and strong investor dialogue.”

CRN continues the corporate responsibility work that GI-NET (Genocide Intervention Network) has conducted for Sudan, and expands the organisation’s directive to address conflict risk in other areas of concern.

Anna Zetterström, Research Manager and responsible for GES’ Research services, said:

“By becoming a Founding Member of CRN we will be able to influence research in other countries afflicted by severe conflict. The membership meets both ends; we can further develop the GES Burma Engagement Service and at the same time serve CRN with our experience.”