GES Newsletter
September 24, 2009

GES Investment Services has moved its IT systems to an advanced, and more energy efficient, hosting provider in England. GES’ IT systems are now managed by the same supplier that assists the New York Stock Exchange and the Metropolitan Bank in New York.

“Changing to a superior supplier gives GES access to an advanced network infrastructure, monitoring services and around the clock service should any component break down. GES’ clients could not be in better hands”, says Jimmy Hallin, Head of IT at GES Investment Services.

“The around the clock service ensures GES that immediate action will be taken should any errors occur. For instance, should a hard drive fail at 2 o’clock in the morning, the monitoring service will see this and notify the staff. The extra hard drives will be at hand and a replacement will be made immediately thereby resuming service in the shortest possible time”.

The relocation is an important step in order to continue to provide clients with information on current engagement activities and research analysis with the highest IT accessibility.

“Clients will note that pages in our web based services will load faster with the more powerful servers. Also, the choice of servers has been made in accordance with our environmental policy, resulting in us using more power efficient processors in our new servers”, concludes Jimmy Hallin.