GES Newsletter
October 3, 2008

Denmark has got its first green think tank, Concito. 80 members have signed up, including some of Denmark’s largest business corporations as well as GES Investment Services. The purpose of the think tank is to analyze how the necessary change for a climate neutral society can happen in Denmark and the rest of the world.

The think tank’s name, “Concito”, is Latin and means “get in motion”. Concito wants to contribute to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the harmful effects of global warming. It recognizes that Denmark and the rest of the world faces dramatic changes, declaring on its website “Our current growth and prosperity has been based on fossil fuels and future generations’ welfare must be ensured without.” Concito aims to analyse and disseminate how this transition can be done best and cheapest in Denmark and in other parts of the world.

The think tank has a starting point that climate change objectives can only be achieved through a new partnership between politicians, businesses and citizens, i.e. state, market and civil society. “The changes we face are too large for one sector to drive the development alone” states Concito and adds that it believes that the climate issues must be resolved internationally but that Denmark can benefit by being a first-mover.

Concito is the first green think tank in Denmark entirely independent of political and commercial interests. 80 members have signed up, including some of Denmark’s largest business corporations, all the major NGOs and an array of outstanding scientists from the national universities. GES Investment Services Denmark has also joined and will be represented by Erik Alhøj, Managing Director of the Danish office, in the working group for Investment and Innovation.

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