GES Newsletter
May 28, 2008

Beginning in Bangkok tomorrow and ending up in Seoul three weeks later, GES rolls out to cover several high-profile investment conferences in Asia and Europe.

On May 29-30, Helene Regnell, Research Director, speaks at the TBLI Conference Asia in Bangkok, Thailand. She will share GES’ experiences of “Doing Well by Doing Good” and provide examples of how investors can engage with companies in order to maximize the potential of their investments.

On June 3, Cecilia Procopé Repinski, Key Account Manager, contributes to the Northern Trust’s Nordic Conference in Stockholm with a presentation on “Shareholder engagement – bringing about changes in a corporation”. Ecosystem Change, predicted to be the “next climate change” will serve as the basis for the overall message of how engagement adds value by identifying and managing risks and conversely harnessing opportunities.

On June 3-4, Magnus Furugård, President and Managing Director, makes a presentation at Financial Events’ conference in Monaco on “Socially responsible and ethical asset classes”. He will talk about how GES creates added value for their clients by improving company management of ESG issues (Environmental, Social and Governance).

On June 5, Magnus Furugård co-chairs a session at an Investor Relations Seminar in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized by the Banja Luka Stock Exchange, the Sarajevo Stock Exchange and the Securities Commission of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the PFS Program, a joint project of East-West Management Institute and USAID. Together with Veronika Juchnewitsch from GES’ client Limestone Investment Management, Estonia, he will elaborate on what investors expect from companies’ ESG reporting.

On June 17-18, Cecilia Procopé Repinski attends the PRI in Person Annual Event, in Seoul, Korea, which is a joint conference by UN Principles for Responsible Investment, UNEP Financial Initiative and UN Global Compact. This year’s event highlights “Changing landscapes: Towards a sustainable economy in Asia”.

On June 18-20, Cecilia Procopé Repinski participates in the 2008 Annual Conference of International Corporate Governance Network, also in Seoul. The theme is “Globalisation of Capital Markets: Impact on Corporate Governance”.