GES Newsletter
October 24, 2007

GES’ President and Managing Director Magnus Furugård has been enrolled by the UNEP Finance Initiative as an independent commentator at today’s press conference in connection with the opening of the 2007 Global Roundtable in Melbourne.

On October 24-25, more than 450 participants will gather in Melbourne for the annual event of the United Nations Environment Program Finance Iniative (UNEPFI). This year the theme is “Awareness to Action – Sustainable Finance for Today’s Global Markets”.

Marking the start of the conference, a new report will be launched by the UNEPFI Asset Management Working Group at a press conference: “Demystifying Responsible Investment Performance”. To provide a supplementary view on the report’s findings, UNEPFI has engaged Magnus Furugård, President and Managing Director of GES Investment Services, and Matthew Kiernan, CEO of Innovest, to act as independent commentators at the press conference.

“This report is based on a study of 20 other studies of the connection between management of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues and financial performance. The findings of the report are in line with the preliminary results of the Mistra-financed study which GES is providing data for”, indicates Magnus Furugård.

In addition, Magnus Furugård has been invited to contribute to the conference in a workshop on the realities, risks and returns facing investors implementing the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in Emerging Markets in the Asia-Pacific area. Magnus Furugård will share some of GES’ 15 years of experience of research and engagement in this region.