GES Newsletter
September 27, 2007

From 2 to 20 people, from 0 to €250 billion in assets under advisory – GES Investment Services concludes on its 15th Anniversary that the “impossible” concept of Responsible Investments has become reality and successful business.

“When we started our business, responsible investments was almost considered a contradiction in itself. Today “the impossible” has become reality, embraced by the UN and a great portion of the financial community. We are very happy to have been part of this development and eager to take it further. The challenges are unlimited”, says Magnus Furugård, President and Managing Director of GES Investment Services.

In 1992 he founded the company with Susanne Nyman, Communications Director of GES. Envisioned by the concept of sustainability as highlighted by the UN in Rio the same year; equipped with a rare mix of professional experiences from environmental activism, management consultancy and journalism; and dedicated to prove that “Sustainability pays off”.

Today GES Investment Services has become the leader in Northern Europe with a client list of numerous well-known pension funds, banks and other investors. Assets under GES’ advisory amount to approximately €250 billion. Staff has grown to 20 people working from offices in Sweden, Denmark and Poland.

The 15th Anniversary will be celebrated with festivities in Stockholm today and a series of seminars on a range of interesting topics during the autumn.