GES has a long experience of communicating about ESG issues. In the ’90s and early ’00s we raised awareness and educated the Nordic market. Today we see our role as to promote an advanced development among mainstream investors all over the world. This is best achieved, we believe, by sharing constructive news from our work together with clients and partners.



06/02/2018 GES Webinar: New themes for Stewardship & Risk Engagement
31/01/2018 GES Webinar: Japan Stewardship Engagement
18/01/2018 QER Live Update in Stockholm
09/01/2018 GES Webinar: GES’ cocoa engagement – outcome after report and engagement trip

2017 – GES celebrates its 25th anniversary!

14/12/2017 GES Webinar: Paris Agreement and GES’ norm-based screening
05/10/2017 25th Anniversary celebrations in Copenhagen and Stockholm
03/10/2017 New report – Combatting child labour in cocoa
13/09/2017 GES Webinar: Debriefing on recent GES engagement trip to Brazil
27/07/2017 GES Webinar: Combatting child labour in cocoa – new report by GES
19/06/2017 GES Webinar: Debriefing on recent GES engagement trip to Brazil
25/04/2017 GES celebrates its 25th anniversary
25/04/2017 Oldfield Partners’ research features GES’ data
21/04/2017 GES Webinar: Water Stewardship benchmarking report
13/04/2017 Nomura Asset Management selects GES for stewardship services
31/03/2017 SVVK-ASIR appoints GES as engagement provider
28/03/2017 GES Webinar: Debriefing on recent GES engagement trip to South Korea
14/03/2017 GES Webinar: Dakota Access Pipeline – current status and future risks
25/01/2017 GES Webinar: GES engagement trip to Israel


08/12/2016 GES Webinar: Debriefing on Recent GES Engagement Trips
13/10/2016 GES’ engagement addresses SDGs on climate change and water issues
24/05/2016 GES Webinar: GES’ Investor Guidance on Children’s Rights Integration
27/04/2016 GES welcomes Indonesian moratorium on palm oil production
05/04/2016 GES reacts to the release of the Panama Papers and Unaoil allegations
10/03/2016 Engagement in all corners of the world
03/03/2016 Children’s Rights in Media and Marketing
03/02/2016 GES Webinar: Children’s Rights in Media and Marketing