GES’ independence policy is absolutely vital for us, in order to carry out our work objectively. It is achieved through organisational structure and permits us to render the impartial and unbiased assessments essential to GES’ services.

We are politically, religiously and financially independent and have no strings to organisations with a political agenda. Since we have no owner interests or other third party interests that can influence our analysis or advice, we can limit the risk of being prejudiced or favouring special interests.

We apply international ESG guidelines which constitute a common frame of reference since they are widely recognised and have gained approval during a long time period. Decisions are based on facts, and we put every effort possible into collecting information from and consulting with a wide range of sources for the benefit of a comprehensive foundation for decision-making.

In order to avoid conflicts of interest, GES does not solicit analysis to companies. Actively soliciting analysis to companies that we analyse on an ongoing basis, we believe would jeopardize not only our credibility towards clients and companies but also the quality of our services.

Everyone in GES is expected to act independently in their work, be objective, neutral, fair and impartial so that clients and third parties will perceive our company in this way. Our employees must not accept payments, gifts, or other kinds of reimbursement from a third party that could affect or appear to affect their objectivity in their business decisions.

Staff and board members shall conduct their private, financial and other external activities in a manner that does not conflict or appear to conflict with the interests of the company. Should such a conflict of interest arise, it must be reported immediately by the person subject to the conflict to his/her immediate supervisor or the Managing Director or a board member. If a staff member has any doubt about whether a situation may constitute impairment, he or she should resolve the question in favour of disclosure. Each employee shall annually be updated on GES Policy on Transactions with Personally Owned Stocks and declare their ownership and transactions.

GES discloses an annual “Independence Report” declaring on a “comply or explain” basis any departure or breach from the various clauses of the Independence Policy.