We strongly believe that these factors are essential for successful engagement and consequently strive to apply them in all our activities:

We provide a profound understanding for the company and its operations.

We handle confidential and sensitive issues appropriately.

Expertise and influence
Our track record and client stock add weight to the engagement process.

We listen to the company and involve it in the collaboration.

Reasonable attitude and long-term perspective
We are willing to see the company’s side and negotiate.

We keep the investor hat on instead of replacing it with an activist hat.

Clarity on the issue
We clearly communicate why a matter is of concern to investors.

Clear objectives
We refer to international standards.

Common framework
We speak with one voice in collaborations.

Result orientation
We focus on change not just socialising.

We know from experience that it takes two-three years on average to change.

Documentation and transparency
We provide both the client and the company with accurate information on the engagement process in order to ensure efficiency and quality.