25 MAY 2018

Seminar in Oslo: Addressing ESG risks in food and seafood

GES would like to invite representatives of institutional investors interested in the topic of addressing ESG risks in food and fisheries to a seminar co-organised with KLP.

With a rapidly increasing global population and an expanding middle class, the food sector faces ever-increasing demands for greater production and efficiency. The sector has opportunities to contribute to economic and social development in local communities worldwide, but there are also many sustainability challenges. In this two-part seminar, we will explore key ESG risks associated with investments in food agriculture and fisheries and discuss approaches to risk mitigation.

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1 JUNE 2018

GES and AP7 release pre-engagement study on labour rights in food supply chains and launches new engagement initiative

Labour rights issues in food supply chains are crucial matters to investors, both in terms of compliance with international human rights norms and national legislation, and from the material point of view of securing future supplies. With this background, GES, in collaboration with AP7, The Seventh Swedish National Pension Fund, conducted a pre-study to provide input for the development of a new engagement initiative.

GES has identified five food commodities connected with some of the most elevated labour rights risks overall. These are coffee, rice, sugar, tea, and tomatoes.

The initiative is still open for investors to join.

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