Sustainability pays off. This is our conviction and had been so ever since the company started in 1992 under the previous name Caring Capitalism (later renamed CaringCompany). The same year that the UN environmental conference in Rio de Janeiro called for an expanded perspective on environmental issues – “sustainability” – also including social issues.

The founders Magnus Furugård and Susanne Nyman had both been aware of the way the wind was blowing during their time at Greenpeace in the late 1980s. On a study trip to the United States in 1992, they found many concrete examples of a new form of environmental and social commitment in businesses, integrated with commercial activity and leading to improved profitability. What today is called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The discovery of this new trend led to many puzzle bits falling into place. The founders’ background in economics, management and journalism enabled them to see an opportunity to bring the concept of sustainability in a completely new way to the players who are perhaps most able to contribute to a better world: businesses and investors. And to help them do it.

In 2003, CaringCompany changed its name to GES Investment Services, in order to concentrate our trademarks and at the same time underline our role as a service company for investors.

In 2012, we refined our company trademark further to GES®, standing for Global Engagement Services which is our core business today and where we believe the future of RI is.

Our company’s official name is GES International AB.