Magnus Furugård

Co-Founder, Chairman of the board

+46 8 787 99 11

Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of GES International. Previously, President and Managing Director since 1992. He focusses on business and product development as well as strategic consulting and services for clients. Before founding GES, Magnus was a Greenpeace campaigner within Energy and Nuclear Weapons, Management Consultant and Officer in the Royal Swedish Navy. He has a Master of Science in Business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics. Magnus speaks Swedish and English.

Leif Engdahl

Self-employed in Cecorma AB, focused on management of small and mid-size companies. Previously Leif was CEO of IT Ledarna, a consultancy firm based in Stockholm. Earlier he was member of the management team of Swedish operations at the IT company Ementor Sverige AB. Leif has spent the greater part of his working life at IBM, where he had a clear focus on management, business and operational development. During his last six years at IBM Svenska AB, he was a member of the executive management team.

Kim Møller

The founder and Managing Director of the Danish research and consulting company Oxford Group. Previously, Kim has worked as Research Director of the Strategic Forum at the think tank Mandag Morgen and as Associate Professor at the Copenhagen Business School. He has a Ph.D. in International Economics and Business Management from the Copenhagen Business School.