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31 JULY 2018

Plastics and the circular economy – a new theme for GES Stewardship & Risk Engagement

The plastic waste issue is currently one of the fastest growing environmental topics on the political agenda. Governments and consumers are becoming increa­sing­ly aware of the substantial impact of plastic on our environment and our health. For the first time, the EU has committed to a holistic plastics strategy, and simi­lar agreements are being made internationally.

Given this momentum, GES believes it is essential for companies to take immediate action to prevent and mitigate the damage caused by plastic in society. Therefore, we have included the new theme on Plastics and the circular economy in our Stewardship & Risk programme and highly encourage the RI community to endorse it.

More information on the theme in the latest GES Stewardship & Risk Engagement brochure.


6 AUGUST 2018

GES contributes to public consultations by European Commission and Financial Reporting Council

In August GES submitted its response to the ambitious Independent Review by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) seeking evidence and information, including specific examples, on the effectiveness of FRC.

Read GES’ full response to the review.

In July GES submitted its contribution to the public consultations process held by Directorate-General for Financial Stability of the European Commission on the EU Framework for Public Reporting by Companies. This consultation sought stakeholder views on whether the EU framework for public reporting by companies is fit for its purpose.

Read GES’ full response.

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On 27 June, the Belgian parliament unanimously voted on a resolution to ban killer robots. This decision is likely to become a milestone in the fight to stop the development and use of such technology worldwide. It is especially important ahead of the United Nations convention which is set to begin on 27 August in Geneva. The road towards a full ban, however, looks to be long and arduous.

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The first part of the blog underlined how food is the cause of all sorts of problems and negative impacts. But here comes the good news: sure, things are a bit gloomy and systems-thinking needed to address the food security challenge will be no easy feat, but experts reassure that we can feed the world within planetary boundaries and the EAT Forum confirmed that there are various encouraging developments underway. Many companies and individuals are coming up with innovative and/or technical solutions and authorities have woken up to the need to act.

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If I didn’t already know it, it became obvious at the EAT Forum last month that there are numerous big problems associated with food: hunger, malnutrition, obesity, lifestyle diseases, climate impacts, water risks, land degradation, food waste, plastic packaging, struggling farmers, food insecurity… Apparently what makes it possible for us to stay alive is also making it difficult for many to stay alive and the food system is seriously harming the well-being of people and the planet alike.

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