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5 OCTOBER 2017

GES celebrates its 25th anniversary

GES started as a small consulting firm in April 1992 when Magnus Furugård founded the company together with Susanne Nyman in Stockholm under the previous name Caring Capitalism and as of 25 April 2017, GES is celebrating its 25-year anniversary.

We want to thank all our clients for 25 fantastic years together on the path to responsible investing and ESG integration.

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To learn more about GES history go to Corporate History.


9 MARCH 2018

NEC publishes its Annual Report 2017

Nordic Engagement Cooperation (NEC), a collaborative engagement network between some of the largest Nordic institutional investors Folksam, Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, KLP and PFA, has published its 2017 Annual Report. The report describes progress, challenges and successes from the engagement dialogue with investee companies, undertaken by the investor network in cooperation with engagement service provider GES International.

*The NEC network engages with companies that are, or have been, involved in systematic incidents or an isolated incident that has severe consequences for the environment or humans.

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Elections can be game-changers for companies and investors. An election and a new government can change the confidence that markets have in economies and either stimulate or hamper investments and belief in the future. South Africa is having one of these game-changing elections […] Another emerging market in political limbo is Brazil, which is scheduled to have presidential elections no later than October 2018. […] Unpredictability is not a word that you would use to characterise the upcoming Russian elections.

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For any company operating in the global trade in soy, palm oil, timber or cattle products, deforestation has become a crucial business issue. The production of these forest-risk commodities can contribute to habitat loss, greenhouse gas emissions and social conflict causing exposures for suppliers and customers alike. Between 1990 and 2015, tropical forest cover decreased by more than 195 million hectares, over 76% of which occurred in South America, South-Southeast Asia, and Central-West Africa.

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Emerging markets (EMs) are gaining traction with investors. But, what about ESG? Should investors still consider a risk premium for ESG risks when investing in emerging markets? Some systemic challenges in emerging markets would still suggest so. When looking at the Corruption Perception Index from Transparency International, it is clear that it continues to be dominated by developed markets in the top spots, while emerging markets are spread out in the bottom half of the list.

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