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9 October 2018

GES launches second benchmark report on child labour in the cocoa supply chain

As a part of its long-term engagement, GES published its second public report on the issue, including investor expectations and a corporate benchmark of leading cocoa and chocolate companies.

GES has engaged the cocoa industry for many years to increase its effort in tackling the issue of child labour. Last year GES released a report, which was first of its kind investor report on the topic, was backed by more than 60 institutional investors worldwide supporting GES’ call for increased efforts by the cocoa industry to combat widespread child labour in its supply chain.

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24 October 2018

GES and UNICEF developed Investor Guidance for Children’s Rights Integration

GES and UNICEF are pleased to invite investors to review and comment on the draft Investor Guidance for Children’s Rights Integration which has been developed to help investors consider children’s rights in their analysis and engagement. The document outlines both expectations on the investors and investor expectations for the companies.

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(…) South Africa’s mining industry is currently going through an interesting period. Following a change of Minister at the DMR in February 2018, the DMR relaunched the process for issuing a revised Mining Charter. The Mining Charter is a rulebook for the industry aimed at distributing country’s mineral wealth more equally amongst the citizens of South Africa, primarily those known as Historically Disadvantaged South Africans, i.e. those within the population who suffered most under the former apartheid regime.

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‘The average power drill is used around 12 to 15 minutes over its lifetime’, is a phrase that is very often cited by people who want to discuss the benefits of the sharing economy (shareconomy). The question of the underutilisation of an asset (for example, the above-mentioned drill) or a skill is fundamental in this discussion. From people who rent their spare rooms (e.g. Airbnb), to those who can help with home repairs (e.g. TaskRabbit) in exchange for money, a sharing economy has become a breeding ground for social entrepreneurship, powered by new informational technologies.

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The Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5ºC, issued (…) on October 8th, is considered by many as the most critical report on climate change action in recent years. It will contribute as key scientific input to the facilitative dialogue on a global stocktake of national commitments, particularly during the upcoming Conference of the Parties (COP24). The report follows nearly two years of extreme weather events to evaluate the trade-offs of moving beyond a 2.ºC vision/framework.  Ultimately, it poses the question “are we doing enough”, as we are estimated to be reaching the 1ºC mark and significantly falling short of climate objectives under the current trajectory.

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